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Let's talk about all the things you didn't learn at school.

Let me help you understand your body, manage your mindset, and explore the gifts of mother Earth. Why? Because you have more control over your health and your dreams than you may have ever been taught.

Together we will embrace it all. The ups and downs. The ugly and the beautiful. The practical and the mysterious. It's time to navigate this thing called human life, not just be along for the ride.

I am your host Dr. Laura Hughes, and this is Earthling 101.


Let me help you understand and use doTERRA essential oils.

Whether you've been using oils for years or are brand new to the magic of aromatherapy, these short and sweet mini-classes will awaken you to the true potential of your healing.

Learn how simple it is to develop a natural lifestyle so you can embody real change... in your body, mind, spirit, environment, and in the way you show up for yourself and your purpose each and every day.

I am your host Dr. Laura Hughes, and life has never smelled so good.

2023 Dr. Laura Hughes