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For a very long time, I had no idea that there is a different way to exist than most of us have been taught.

I didn't know that our DNA is encoded with wisdom just waiting to be expressed, that life on Earth is tipped in favor of the miraculous, and that magic isn't just limited to the world of Harry Potter.

A quintessential good girl, I did what I was told. I thought keeping my head down and working hard was the secret, even if my body and spirit felt like they were breaking down. I thought the flip between hustle and apathy was par for the course. I thought this was ''it''. 

My path was one of high achievement-or-bust. I have MSc degrees in Human Health, Nutrition, and Epidemiology; a PhD in Epigenetics; a Doctor of Naturopathy degree (board certified); and more than a dozen publications in international scientific journals. I went about as far as I could go in academics and science and traveled all around the world to do it.

Don't get me wrong; I have so much gratitude for the whole experience and the people I encountered along the way. But it was a journey that fuelled my ego. My soul? Not so much. 

I hit a point where on paper, my life looked perfect. I had checked off everything that I "should" do in order to be a successful and happy human... but inside, the anxiety was mounting. My body was rebelling with strange symptoms. Something had to give, and I looked everywhere outside of myself trying to fix it. 

The game changed when I came home to myself. When I honed in on the belief that I am here right now on Earth for a reason, and it wasn't to keep my head down and be miserable.

I realized that I wasn't broken and I didn't need fixing, I just need to re-learn a few things.


Now, this is what I know to be true:

  • The point of self-development isn't to escape our life.
  • The brain is powerful and we have the ability to use it to consciously create any result we want (yup, manifestation is real).
  • Emotions are the compass of our soul. The name of the game is to feel them, not numb them out. 
  • It is safe and necessary to challenge our conditioning. 
  • The future is rigged in our favor when let nature inform our cells and tap into our unique energy flow and intuitive wisdom.
  • These bodies that we live in are miraculous vessels that are always working for our benefit.
  • We live in a time that is begging for people to turn their light all the way on.

Choosing something different than the status quo isn't always comfortable, but who you become in the process is 100% worth it.


Everyone is different, and your journey won't look the same as mine. But, when I committed to transforming my inner landscape, my outer world responded in the most beautiful and supported ways.

I officially retired my Naturopathic medical license, which opened up a whole new world of global entrepreneurship and a thriving business.

I got divorced in a loving and conscious energy, which liberated two souls for their highest good in this lifetime.

I learned to trust myself and have my own back, which means that a life of deep purpose, connection, and the capacity to hold the good and the bad, is always available for me.

I cut the people-pleasing and fear of judgment. Every day I wake up excited and certain about what I am here to do, no matter how crazy and unstable the world seems.

I'm here for it. On the good days and the bad. 

My light is all the way on, and I'm so happy you found me. 

Let my story be your permission slip. Life can be different than you were taught it has to be. It can be messy, beautiful, present, joyful, abundant & intentionally created. Heal yourself, heal the world. The process is simple. It's never too late. 

You just have to decide.

And once you do, I promise I can help you create miracles.


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As humans, we connect and offer a beacon of light to others by sharing our lives. I hope that my story will help you get to know me better, bring you comfort, a spark, or whatever sign you were looking for today in your own experience.

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