A new wave of healthcare is rising.

It starts with the most powerful plant medicine on the planet, and continues right here, with hope, healing, science & Spirit.

Learn and apply my simple, affordable methods for rapidly shifting your physical and emotional health with the best natural and non-toxic products on the planet.

No more going through life like a zombie. No more settling for overwhelm and exhaustion.
Let's teach your body to work the way nature intended and take your wellness to the next level, fast.

doTERRA is pure natural solutions,

made easy.

I am a proud Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA, the largest and most pure essential oil company in the world (with the science to back that claim up).

It's my job (and passion!) to teach people about these amazing oils and supplements, and how they can be used daily to detox harmful chemicals from the home, while also supporting the mind, body and spirit. It's true health empowerment.

dōTERRA means 'gift from the Earth', which is exactly what pure, essential oils are. We stand for healing, community, environmental sustainability, and the heart potential of humanity.

Over the last 6 years, I have taught and supported 1000+ families around the world elevate their health and wellness through dōTERRA, and have mentored dozens of people who have partnered with me to share oils and the doTERRA business with confidence, integrity & vision.

It's time to become the guru of your own health and happiness. I offer daily rituals, fun hacks & unparalleled education that will help you use your doTERRA oils and products with confidence and success.

I believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. You don't have to do this alone. Come learn and grow with a community of people who are committed to self-healing and elevating the health of themselves & humanity.

When you buy essential oils and other doTERRA natural wellness products through me, this is what you get:

  • Knowledge and confidence of how easy it is to upgrade your health and wellness, and to live a natural, non-toxic lifestyle

  • A beautiful community dedicated to reclaiming health

  • Tons of bonus classes, tools and resources for how to support your emotions, mood, sleep, stress, physical ailments on your own time! It's super easy!

  • Ideas for natural solutions and tips and tricks for how to remove harmful chemicals from your home and "go green".

  • Personalized support in creating a wellness plan that sticks


A podcast to help you understand and use doTERRA essential oils.

Whether you've been using oils for years or are brand new to the magic of aromatherapy, these short and sweet mini-classes will awaken you to the true potential of your healing.

Learn how simple it is to develop a natural lifestyle so you can embody real change... in your body, mind, spirit, environment, and in the way you show up for yourself and your purpose each and every day.

I am your host Dr. Laura Hughes, and life has never smelled so good.


2023 Dr. Laura Hughes