Hi! I'm Dr. Laura Hughes. Let's activate your life.




activate your life.


"She remembered who she was and the game changed."


Let me guess... you thought that by this point in your life, things would look a little bit different. But even with all of those self-help books and inspirational quotes on Instagram, you keep repeating the same patterns.

There is nothing wrong with you (in fact, you're pretty awesome).

You've just never been taught how to activate the real superpowers that come along with being human.

I'm here to help you understand the magic of your brain and the inherent wisdom of your body, so you can re-write your story with confidence and create that "I'm never looking back" change you've been craving.

Let's flip the switch on the status quo so you can show up for your life and our planet in ways you've only dreamed of.  




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Natural health made easy




Learn and apply my simple, affordable methods for rapidly shifting your physical and emotional health with the best natural and non-toxic products on the planet.

No more going through life like a zombie. No more settling for overwhelm and exhaustion. Let's teach your body to work the way nature intended and take your wellness to the next level, fast.


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1:1 Transformational coaching


Quantum Leap.

You know where you want to go, but you don't know how to unlock the goals in your mind and the dreams in your heart to actually make it happen.

My friend, it's time to turn your light all the way on, fully own your power, and consciously create the life of your dreams.

You and me together for 6 months. Let's blow your mind. 


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Hi, I'm Laura.


Coffee lover. Recovering external-validation-seeker. Retired Academic and Naturopathic Doctor. Proud bridge between Spirit & Science. Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Capricorn rising. Globe trotter. Believer in humanity. Expander of possibility.

I'm fuelled by Mama Earth and her beautiful medicines, and I'm here to usher in new paradigms in health, wealth, and leadership.

You can find me barefoot & beachside in Toronto, Canada, where I run my Life Coaching practice, create the Earthling 101 Podcast, teach people all around the world how to accelerate their goals through natural health and essential oils, and wrangle an international pack of rescue animals. 

My days are simple, abundant, and expansive. I live with one foot in gratitude and the other in desire. But, it didn't always feel this way.

What changed?

I came home to myself.  I awakened a remembering deep inside my cells. I chose to focus my light on all of the things we never learned at school (but should!) in order to create a thriving life and planet.

Want the whole story?  

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Let's talk about all the things you didn't learn at school.

Let me help you understand your body, manage your mindset, and explore the gifts of mother Earth. Why? Because you have more control over your health and your dreams than you may have ever been taught.

Together we will embrace it all. The ups and downs. The ugly and the beautifuI. The practical and the mysterious.

It's time to navigate this thing called human life, not just be along for the ride.

I am your host Dr. Laura Hughes, and this is Earthling 101.


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