Allow me to introduce myself:

  • I'm a Coffee lover

  • Recovering external-validation-seeker

  • Wellness Advocate

  • PhD in Cancer Epidemiology & Epigenetics

  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor (inactive)

  • Proud bridge between spirit & science

  • Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, Capricorn Rising

  • Eternal optimist (aka solution finder)

  • Believer in humanity

  • Expander of possibility

I'm fuelled by Mama Earth and her beautiful medicines, and every day I work to usher in new paradigms of healthcare and leadership.

I believe life can be driven by love, healing, community, and connection, and I think it's really fun to shine a light on all of things we never learned at school (but should!) in order to create true well-being.

I have taught thousands of people all around the world how to clarify their goals, demystify their symptoms, and thrive in their bodies.

Hang around me for a little bit if you want to learn how to listen to your own innate wisdom; advocate for your mind, body & spirit; and accelerate your wellness goals with essential oils and other natural tools.

Most of the time you can find me barefoot & beachside in Toronto, Canada, where I run my holistic health & life coaching practice, curate two podcasts (see links below!), and wrangle a new baby alongside an international pack of rescue animals.

Want the whole story?


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2023 Dr. Laura Hughes